IGNITE youth & young adult Ministry

IGNITE youth & young adult Ministry

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Igniting a passion for Christ in the next Generation

 MISSION STATEMENT: “…but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” Dan 11:32

 Ignite youth fellowship is part of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry in Liverpool. Ignite is a fellowship that caters to the next generation of youths, students and Young adults. Our mission is to develop the current generation of young people with a passion for Christ; help them to discover their life purpose through holistic teachings that develop their knowledge and understanding of scriptures and encourage them to strive for excellence through exemplary Christian living, that puts them in good stead for the Lord’s second coming.

 VISION: At Ignite we are committed to raising the next generation of leaders by encouraging them to live the Christ intended life, having a strong salvation experience, for us to provide good discipleship / mentoring platform and finally to equip the next generation with the tools of focus and resilience needed to succeed.

Salvation: Current research reveals that we are realistically in danger of not passing on true biblical values & principles to the next generation. Both an overexposure to worldly philosophy and an over dependence on church programmes are some of the root causes of the lack of a vibrant, kingdom-focused faith in our youth & young adults. To counter this direction, genuine experience of salvation is pivotal, without this all important salvation encounter, no youth or young adult can fully reach their true potential.

To achieve this in Ignite we have a weekly Sunday evening fellowship session, where all participants have the opportunity to hear the gospel message, build a solid Christian foundation on which Godly values & principles, interact with other link minded Christians who are able to share their salvation experience in a way to influence their peers for Christ.

Discipleship: In Ignite we believe that there is a need for newly saved members and those young in the faith to be followed up and mentored so they are able to grow in the spiritual journey and ultimately live a wholesome and purposeful life. We always encourage youths, students and young adults to take the opportunities available to be mentored, so that they can grow spiritually, academically, career and other areas of life with the sole purpose of living the Christ intended life.     

Equip: We recognise that the world as it is today, is a challenging one for our youths and young adults to thrive. A world where their perceptions of life are primarily influenced by media, peers, and an ungodly educational system, these vices generate a distorted view of Christianity. To turn this tide at Ignite we are resolved to do all we can to equip this generation to become leaders with influence in their communities, academic institutions, work places and among their families & friends.